Vapour Recovery Refiner

Vapour Recovery Refiner (Forecourt Services)

Effective Vapour Recovery Returns Petrol to Tanks

All retail fuel stations suffer wet stock losses. Whilst a great deal can be done to reduce many causes of wet stock lost there has been little affordable technology on the market to offer a solution to retailers.

What can the new Adler & Allan Vapour Recovery Refiner do?

  • Vapour Recovery Refiner can immediately increase bottom line profitability
  • Vapour Recovery Refiner reduces vapour release into the environment
  • Easy to install and designed for long trouble free service
  • We offer a free demonstration of the system to illustrate how it works

How does the new Adler & Allan Vapour Recovery Refiner work?

The VR Refiner uses technology developed specifically to recover these losses. VRR has been proven to save retailers thousands of pounds per annum.

The VR Refiner system is distributed and installed by E&S Environmental, part of the Adler & Allan Group and a leading oil and environmental services provider. The system converts petrol vapours into liquid fuel that would otherwise be lost to atmosphere or removed by the road tanker. The recovered spirit is returned to the UST’s and is immediately available for sale.  The system works with any site configuration Stage 1 & 2 sites, open vented.

Features & Benefits

  • It is the only system that can handle the large air vapour flows during delivery without long periods of tank pressurisation
  • Recovers duty free saleable fuel from all petrol vapours with massive reductions in vapour loss
  • It ensures empty road tankers return to the terminal in a below LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) condition, and its unique timing device guarantees accurate wet stock monitoring and reporting
  • Proven low maintenance and operational costs, putting profit back into your business
  • Substantial reduction in on site and environmental pollution, virtually eliminating harmful gasoline emissions
  • Compatible with open vented, stage 1 and stage 2 sites, with mounted skid for faster installation

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Vapour Recovery Refiner Online Enquiry Form.

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