Environmental Waste Services – Collection, Treatment and Disposal

Waste management is an increasing challenge for companies, as legislation tightens and disposal options diminish. With its high reputation for expert environmental and spill response services, Adler & Allan is also fully licensed to handle commercial and industrial waste in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations. Our waste management team will classify, package and arrange disposal of most types of waste, including bulk liquid industrial wastes, packaged hazardous wastes and laboratory chemical smalls. We carry out site cleanups and plant removal, drain and sewer cleaning, and also deal with fly-tipping. Adler & Allan has a comprehensive fleet of tankers (including Pet Reg), curtain siders and Hiabs to manage all types of hazardous waste removal projects.

We Employ an Extensive Range of Specialist Cleaning and Waste Management Equipment

  • Recycling & Flexline combination units
  • Vactors
  • Kilo Whales
  • Vacuum tankers
  • Tunnel cleaning machines

Our facilities can accept, manage and treat toxics, flammables, and oxidizers as well as non-hazardous materials. The sites can receive quantities ranging from bulk tanker loads to lab smalls. Where we do not have in-house facilities, our excellent relationships with other reputable companies ensure we can always arrange cost-effective disposal of your waste. Adler & Allan is on call 24 Hours a day to deal with the safe handling of hazardous waste, including emergency response.

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