Flood Risk Management

Flooding in Tewkesbury in 2007

Understanding flood risk, prevention and planning

Adler & Allan provides a range of Flood Risk Management services, helping businesses understand their risk, prepare, prevent and plan for flooding situations.


Flood Risk Assessment

Central to our flood risk management services is flood risk assessment, which includes topographical surveys, looking at an areas flood risk now and in the future. Recommendations will be given to manage against flooding, such as a choice of appropriate flood defence products and civil engineering work in the event of extreme flooding. Advice is also provided to safeguard essential infrastructures, assets and equipment.


Flood Defences

We carry out a range any flood defence installation and civil engineering works as part of our flood management services. This could include ground work, trench excavations and concreting, handling all types of pipework, pumps, gauges and alarms. We also provide bund construction raising, repair and lining services, including re-lining with one of our state-of-the-art bund lining systems, plus separator installation and maintenance, remote monitoring and early warning systems.


Adler & Allan’s flood defences protect some of the UK’s most important infrastructure assets, such as sub-stations and forecourts and include the modular bund defence system, JBAR.


  • Flood Barriers– both temporary and permanent systems
  • Pumps– from puddle suckers to high volume extraction tanks
  • Self-Closing Products– with self-closing mechanisms giving 24/7 passive protection
  • Passive and reactive flood defence booms, including Wedge system and various other flood mitigation measures.


In the event of a flood, our flood risk management services will help businesses implement proper flood plans, to minimise the damage caused to the environment, site and machinery.


For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler & Allan Flood Risk Management Online Enquiry Form.


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