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It’s back to work for many this week, but unfortunately the winter break has been far from relaxing for much of the UK. Adler & Allan’s flood response teams have been extremely busy over Christmas and New Year, helping businesses and communities in the North of England and Scotland deal with the flooding.


We have been working with forecourts, retail outlets and other businesses clean-up their sites, uplift fuel and repair tanks and bunds. In addition, Adler & Allan has helped local charities, such as the Scottish Flood Forum, donating A&A’s Flood Limitation Bags, a portable, synthetic alternative to sand bags which is easier to mobilise.


The rain is still falling and we will be busy dealing with the aftermath of flooding for some time. Once the water subsides, the UK needs to take stock of its flood protocol as this, unfortunately, seems to be becoming an annual occurrence. We need improved warning systems, better building design, with at-risk properties properly waterproofed and built in a way to withstand water ingress, plus working flood defences for many areas.


Alongside BERG (Business Emergency Resilience Group), we will be supporting UK SMEs, helping them better plan for future flooding, including assessing flood risk, defending against flood waters and having the correct plans and procedures in place to minimise unavoidable disasters.


You can find out more about our work with BERG, here.


Adler & Allan’s flood protection capabilities


Flood response and clean-up:  Adler & Allan’s emergency response teams are on-hand 24/7 to clean-up flood water, preventing asset and environmental damage. Our expert teams can sanitise equipment, while limiting pollution to ground and watercourses.


Flood risk assessments: A flood risk assessment (FRA) will determine the potential risks of flooding to a site, with recommendations being given on how best to tackle the threat.


Flood defences: Following a flood risk assessment, we can advise appropriate flood defence measures. Flood defences available through Adler & Allan, include JBAR, a modular flood defence system that prevents spills as well as mitigating against flood water.


We were all very impressed with the professionalism shown by the personnel supplied to carry out this task.
BP Oil
Fantastic response. Your prompt actions and resourcefulness enabled us to rapidly get the situation under control. You helped convert a challenging situation into a well-managed professional response.
Esso Petroleum
...a quick note to thank you and your staff for your assistance on what was quite a challenging project and for the professional way in which it was carried out. I am extremely pleased and relieved that the work went smoothly and without incident.
Carrs Milling Industries PLC