Flood Mitigation – Help Your Business Stay Afloat!

Flooding in Tewkesbury in 2007

Last month saw urgent calls by campaigners to up the UK’s flood defence budget to £1 billion a year over the next decade. It is feared that without adequate long-term investment in flood mitigation, many more businesses and homes will live in constant fear of flooding.

As a business, continuity is key. Any downtime as a result of flooding means a loss of time and money; but, beyond keeping an eye on the weather forecast, what correct flood mitigation steps will help minimise damage to valuable assets?

Flood planning: According to The Environment Agency*, by taking action to prepare in advance for flooding, most businesses can save between 20 and 90 per cent on the cost of lost stock and moveable equipment, as well as minimising the stress involved with flooding.

Flood risk assessment: A flood risk assessment (FRA) will determine the potential risks of flooding to a site, with recommendations being given on how best to tackle the threat, such as the appropriate flood prevention products. We provide Flood Risk Assessment services, which will determine a sites risk up to 60 years in the future.

If you are in an area of high flood risk, the Environment Agency also provides a Floodline Warnings Direct service. Sign up to receive warnings by text, telephone, email or fax via the Environment Agency website or call 0845 988 1188. This simple measure could help you better prepare in advance of flooding.

Flood defences: Following a flood risk assessment, we can advise appropriate flood defence measures. Our flood defences protect some of the UK’s most important infrastructure assets, including substations and highways. Flood defence available through Adler and Allan, include:
• Flood barriers – both temporary and permanent systems
• Pumps – from puddle suckers to high volume extraction tanks
• Self-closing products – with self-closing mechanisms giving 24/7 passive protection
• Passive and reactive flood defence booms, including Wedge system and other flood mitigation measures.

For more information about our newest modular flood defence and spill containment system, JBAR, click here.

Affected by flooding?
Adler and Allan also provides 24 hour emergency flood response and flood clean-up services, nationwide, 365 days a year.

For more information about Adler and Allan’s flood mitigation services, call 0800 592 827 or click here.



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