Emergency Spill Response Services – On Call 24/7


Cold weather, dark nights and an increased demand for fuel, all adds-up to a greater risk of polluting spills for organisations that transport and store oil, or other hazardous materials. In the first instance, you should make sure your tanks are properly maintained. If an emergency spill does occur, however, fast action and expert advice are essential to minimize environmental pollution; not to mention the damage this can do to a businesses’ reputation.

The First Steps to Preventing Spills

To stop spills happening in the first place, tanks should be inspected and maintained, working to eliminate any safety or environmental hazards. A common problem as the temperature drops is burst pipework, so making sure this is in the right condition is a key part of our tank inspection services.

We offer an Annual Fuel System Inspection in accordance with OFTEC guidelines and PPG2 Pollution Prevention guidelines, ensuring your systems are correctly maintained and conform to current regulations. In some cases minor work may be required to ensure compliance, or if severely damaged, a tank may need replacing.

Apart from practical incentives keeping them up to scratch is a legal obligation with tanks and associated equipment needing to comply with the Fuel Storage Regulations and OFTEC guidelines.

Since 2001, stricter rules and regulations have been introduced in regards to the control and storage of hazardous fuels and liquids. The responsibility for all fuel storage facilities now falls to the owner, including ensuring that annual inspections and maintenance are adhered to. The Fuel Storage Regulations cover all storage tanks, as well as interceptors, bunds and associated pipe work, with standards set and enforced by the Environment Agency. When it comes to oil in particular, it is recommended that an OFTEC survey is carried out once a year.

Peace of Mind in the Event of a Spill

However many precautionary measures are taken, accidents do happen and when they do, your business can rest assured that the right action will be taken, fast, with Adler and Allan’s Response Membership Scheme. Becoming a member ensures emergency spill support around the clock and throughout the year – from oil spills, floods and power failures, to explosions and fuel blockades.

Response Membership Benefits

  • UK-wide network of trained personnel
  • Access to the latest and most effective spill equipment
  • 24-hour service, 365 days a year

Whether a minor spill or major industrial disaster, Adler and Allan can provide immediate Emergency Response Services, delivered by a team of highly trained professionals, using the latest technology.

Act Before the Experts

Before Adler and Allan get to the scene, make sure your organisation can deal with an incident as quickly as possible – by having spill procedure plans in place, the right spill kits and a team of experts available to stop a spill in its tracks.

Don’t let winter leave your business out in the cold when it comes to spills. Prevent, plan and gain peace of mind with Adler and Allan’s team of spill care experts; on hand to limit environmental, financial and reputation damage.




‘...thank you for responding to my request on a flood risk alert…I was very pleased with their attitude and response to the situation on site.’
Western Power Distribution
…thanks for the assistance that your call out team provided to help us deal with the water ingress into our building here…I know we get a good service from yourselves with regards to looking after our fuel system but when called upon at such short notice to help out with the water leak, we received an excellent service once again.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
I would like you to pass my thanks to your response team(s) and particularly the individual who attended the port so promptly on Monday early am. They acted in a thoroughly professional way, they were of great assistance and always helpful. They are a credit to Adler and Allan and I look forward to us working together for our mutual benefit in the future.
Stena Line