Adler & Allan’s Innovative JBAR® Awarded Patent Status


JBAR®  Modular Bund System Granted Patent

Designed to contain oil spills and protect key assets from flooding, the JBAR® modular bund system has recently been awarded patent status following a successful application.

Given the effectiveness with which JBAR® has protected various UK DNOs’ assets from flood water ingress and oil spillage, the newly awarded status marks yet another milestone for Adler & Allan, allowing us to welcome yet another addition to our growing roster of patented innovations.

Comprehensive Flood Mitigation

With UK floods accounting for two of the largest insured losses in Europe in 2015, a proactive approach to flood mitigation and containment has never been so crucial to ensuring assets are protected. JBAR® was developed in response to this need.

Available in various lengths, heights and shape configurations, the system can be installed at most sites, regardless of size or location. Additionally, due to its non-conductive material, it is ideally suited for substations and other electrical installations where it can be installed by our trained and certified teams without incurring transformer downtime.

JBAR® Features

We invested in the patent because we recognise what an effective and innovative technical solution JBAR® is. Outlined below are some of the many features so central to its proven success as a system.

  • Retains and withstands fluids from both sides - Specifically designed to withstand floods and contain spills from either side, JBAR® offers class-leading flood mitigation and an impenetrable hydrocarbon barrier.
  • Adalline® 400 lining provides complete hydrocarbon protection – We line JBAR® walls and bund floor with Adalline® 400, creating a shield against hydrocarbons. The lining also makes any spill clean-up faster and more thorough than possible with traditional materials.
  • No transformer downtime – JBAR® requires no loss of service for the transformer. Our specialist teams can complete bund repairs or install new bunds and linings with JBAR® while the asset is live.
  • Accredited professionals - APs and SAPs inside DNOs are a valuable resource. We offer a large team of accredited professionals who are certified to work on substations, ensure projects are compliant, and don’t drain your valuable resources.

To find out more about our patented JBAR® modular bund system or any of our other Asset Resilience solutions, click here.


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