New flood defence system – JBAR

Flood Mitigation - Gatwick Airport

Many businesses need to take flood defence measures as flooding is becoming an increasingly problematic issue, with essential assets; such as sub-stations, external plant and machinery; needing protection from the damage water can cause. For sites that store oil and other hazardous materials within these assets, apart from water getting in, there’s also the risk of these substances getting out, causing pollution to the surrounding environment and leaving businesses open to fines.


Our newest flood defence system, JBAR, provides a permanent solution to stopping flood water in its tracks and can help prevent spills from entering surrounding ground and watercourses.


About JBaR flood defence

JBAR is a unique flood defence system designed to protect key assets, such as utility compounds, sub-stations, external plant and associated structures. Developed initially to deal with oil containment, JBAR, featuring an integrated sump, is a dual purpose product, which can retain and/or withstand fluids from either side.


Highly flexible, JBAR is available in various, lengths, heights and shape configurations, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Specification is based on our Flood Risk Assessment, a process which will determine flood risk now and up to 60 years in the future.


JBAR flood defence benefits:

  • JBAR can be easily modified on-site to suit unforeseen conditions
  • JBAR is a modular system that can be adapted in length and heights
  • JBAR is fabricated from non-conductive material in short lengths, making it ideal for the protection of sub-statins and other electrical installations
  • JBAR can be used for both flood defence and spill containment


Adler and Allan’s expert team will install JBAR, designed to fix to a concrete slab or masonry curb (but can work without a solid base where required), as well as completing any other civil engineering works required on-site, such as trench excavation.


Total defence

To provide complete protection, JBAR flood defences can be used in conjunction with Adler and Allan’s protective coatings and linings delivering a long-term solution to hazardous spill containment.


Our polyurea spray lining is the toughest and most durable protective coating available, providing an effective way of preventing deterioration and extending the life of a range of structures by forming a waterproof and chemical barrier.


The JBAR flood defence is just one part of Adler and Allan’s total flood and spill protection services, which include:








Thank you for your patience and the work you and your team carried out…it was first class and professional.
EDF Energy
...again, appreciate the swift response with our customers this weekend.
Certas Energy
We are very grateful to all those who assisted with the water ingress, starting from the initial call out response, co-ordinating and deploying the team to site with all the necessary equipment to help manage the large volume of water that was entering the building and the continued support until resolution of the external leak and the assistance with the cleaning up process.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch