Emergency fuel delivery

Emergency Fuel Delivery

Fuel Distribution to Keep British Business Going

Adler & Allan has been involved with fuel distribution for over 80 years. We have built a loyal customer base thanks to our exceptional levels of service.

We deliver a range of fuels by tanker, bowser or drums. We have gained a high reputation for meeting demanding fuel distribution challenges, and for our 24 Hour Emergency Fuel Delivery Service to retained customers.

We deliver:

  • Gas oil (red diesel)
  • Derv (white diesel)
  • Kerosene
  • Unleaded petrol
  • Heavy oils
  • Ultra low-sulphur gas oil
  • Bio-diesel
  • A wide range of lubricants and oils

With an emergency fuel delivery contract you can trust Adler & Allan to deliver emergency supplies of oil, diesel and petrol when they are needed, at short notice or out of hours. So there’s never a risk of running out.

Service and Convenience

Small packaged deliveries in 205 litre or 25 litre drums are available, as are bowser deliveries by 4WD vehicle to inaccessible sites. Temporary fuel tanks and tankers on standby can be provided for Emergencies, and fuel can be uplifted and transferred between sites.

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Emergency fuel delivery Online Enquiry Form.

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We are very grateful to all those who assisted with the water ingress, starting from the initial call out response, co-ordinating and deploying the team to site with all the necessary equipment to help manage the large volume of water that was entering the building and the continued support until resolution of the external leak and the assistance with the cleaning up process.
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