The Project

Adler and Allan’s Specialist Fuel Service team were asked to assist in the decommissioning of E.ON Kingsnorth Power Station in Essex. The project involved the removal of more than 10 million litres of redundant heavy fuel oil (HFO) from one 50 million litre tank and three 25 million litre tanks. The HFO had previously been used as a back-up energy source for the power station.

The task was to salvage as much of the recoverable HFO as possible and minimise the overall costs to the client. We achieved this by moving recovered oil to various outlets in the UK, continuously monitoring and testing the fuel to ensure it adhered to the appropriate British Standard.



The Solution

The site boiler normally provided heat for the HFO, but was not in working order so our specialist team brought one of its mobile boiler units with them, creating a temporary heating system powered from the operations yard. This was a complex process as the oil has to be sufficiently heated for pumping, extraction and then transportation. It was vital that the oil be heated to a minimum of 55 degrees, which was successfully achieved.

Adler and Allan’s engineers also temporarily re-commissioned the power station’s main heat exchangers to assist in the oil heating process; a number of steam coils also had to be brought back to working order too.

The on-site laboratory enabled regular sampling and analysis of the HFO for quality control purposes, while a new, innovative technique was used on the largest tank on-site to remove the residual tank bottoms prior to final cleaning. This involved making a 4x4 metre opening in the tank, (using hydro-demolition techniques), concrete fines and lime were added to the remaining sludges to form a waste sufficiently stable to be transported by large tipper trucks for licensed disposal.

This process provided a more cost effective solution for the client than traditional incineration, and left the tank requiring very little cleaning prior to demolition.

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The Outcome

Thanks to Adler and Allan’s Specialist Fuel Service team, the six month project was successfully completed to the highest standard and saw more than 7.5 million litres of oil recovered and sold on to secondary users.