Environmental Case studies

SoakBag Deployment

London, Wembley Stadium
Flood Risk Assessment

Commercial Property, Isle of Dogs
Flood Response

Cemex, Lincolnshire
Spill Response

The Stranraer Ferry
Spill Response

Ellesmere Port, Liverpool
Spill Response

Primary School, South East England
Soil Remediation

Sutton Coldfield
Flood Mitigation and Spill Containment

UK Power Networks Services, Gatwick Airport
Flood Mitigation

Regional DNO Substation, Glasgow

Dunlin Offshore Oil Rig
Spill Response

Robin Rigg Wind Farm
Oxygen Depletion Response

Dairy Processing Plant, London
Spill Response

The Stewarton Rail Crash
Disaster Response

Buncefield Oil Terminal
Groundwater Remediation

and Risk Assessment